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Thread: YUM and multiple repositories

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    YUM and multiple repositories

    I've set up FC2 with YUM and I'm trying to configure this box to serve as a centralized update repositories for 5 FC2 boxes and 15 RH9 boxes.
    The paln is:
    - To make make this box to download FC2 and RH9 updates automatically from the internet to local repositories, then other clients can use update or yum clients to get the updates.
    1. How do I pull new updates to the repository - yum update through cron?
    2. How do I automatically download RH updates to one directory and FC to another? (yum.conf downloads them all to cachedir directory, I need to actually specify the path for 3 different updates
    3. When issue yum update it gives me the warning
    I will do the following:
    [update: gdk-pixbuf 1:0.22.0-6.1.0.i386]
    Is this ok [y/N]: y
    Is thetre anyway to suppres the promt and just install them?


    P.S> Could not find any de3cent how-to in the net, if you can point me out then it could be great.


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    Re:YUM and multiple repositories

    I've figured out the multiple repositories thing - there is a good script for that on fedora news site. Script can download it to a multiple number of directories and then runs yum-arch to create headers.

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