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Thread: Printer Driver Needed

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    Printer Driver Needed

    I need a driver for a Epson TM-L60II and i have no idea where to look its a thermil printer.


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    Re:Printer Driver Needed

    I'm sure that this isn't as helpful as you would want it to be, but here is a link to the JavaPOS. You might be able to find out from Epson if anyone has developed the necessary Java support for your printer.


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    Re:Printer Driver Needed

    When I saw java POS I thought of what java is... :P

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    Re:Printer Driver Needed

    They said i must look for a driver online , but where do you look , i have searched google flat out and nothing. [s]So YEAH[/s]

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    Re:Printer Driver Needed

    May not have what you're looking for though. Good luck.

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