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    mrtg #2

    I have mrtg running on RH8 box, the moment I install it, all graphs are shown in the kbs/sec on the main page, after day or so it changes to
    Mb in the graphs...any idea why?

    cfgmaker script explicitely states to use it in bits....(--global 'Options[_]: bits, growright' )

    ./cfgmaker --global 'WorkDir: /var/www/html/mrtg' \
    --global 'IconDir: /mrtg/images/' \
    --global 'Forks: 4' \
    --global 'Options[_]: bits, growright' \
    --global 'RunAsDaemon: Yes' \
    --global 'LogDir: /usr/lib/mrtg2/logs' \
    --noreversedns \
    --output /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg \
    --subdirs=HOSTNAME \
    tor_mgmt@torfwa \

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    Re:mrtg #2

    I think I know why it happens but I'm still interested in how this can be prevented.....
    I notice that there was u huge spike of activity on all 8 monitored interfaces - for an instant outgoing traffic went up to 40 Mb and since then display graphs show everything in Mb - my take on this is that the moment there is something that exceeds specific value the graps adjust to Mb....the question is how to make them go back.....
    Or is it a problem with specific mrtg version - mrtg-2.9.17-8?

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    Re:mrtg #2

    Keep answering my own questions.... :-)
    After much digging on the internet I've found some post in the mrtg-developers mailing list that discribes the same scenario and attributes it to the following:
    "When box hosting mrtg is down and then brought back online it can show a spike of the traffic that has nothing to do with the real traffic patterns"
    Looks like a bug in this case.......(my mrtg box was down for 2 hours)

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