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Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!
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Thread: Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

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    Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    I don't know how true this really is but I found this on www.slackfiles.net site under the News section.

    1 April 2004 - Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    In a press statement today Founder and sole developer of the Slackware Linux operating system "Patrick Volkerding", announced his retirement. "Volkerding" states that the next release of Slackware (codenamed "Porch swing&quot will in fact be the last. Unfortunately the highly anticipated Linux 2.6 kernel based release, previously codenamed "Terrapin station" has been cancelled. When we asked "Patrick" why he was giving up he replied:

    In these days of flashy installers and dependancy checking, nobody seems to want a simple reliable system that just works..." "I Need A Miracle!" or perhaps some "Young Blood" to take over this "Masterpiece" but I still feel "She Belongs To Me". "Even so" "Me & My Uncle" will be "Playin' In The Band"...

    Yes, it seems that "Volkerding" is taking up a career in music, and is about to start touring with a band called "Banjo Bob and the X-men". Apparently this is a 6 piece banjo band that wear spandex pyjamas and do Greatful Dead covers.

    Meanwhile the future of Slackware may be left out in "The Cold Rain And Snow".
    I wonder what will happen to the stability of Slackware if someone else takes over without Pat's drive & motivation.

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    Re:Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    Hmmm...the fact that it is dated 01 April 2004 should be a clue. If it isn't announced at the official Slackware site, then don't put too much trust in it.


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    Re:Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    2 April 2004 "So, is Patrick Volkerding really going to retire?" Look at the date . By the way, "Terrapin Station" is downloadable from http://www.gdlive.com/.

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    Re:Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

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    Re:Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    This looks way too much like the trick that I played on shebang with the help of countach44.

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    Re:Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    [me=countach44]like conspiracies ;D[/me]

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    Re:Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    :P :P :P

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    Re:Slackware Founder announces retirement!!!

    I believe it was an April Fool's day joke...good that Pat is not leaving!

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