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Thread: Ordered OS X Panther :D

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    Re:Ordered OS X Panther :D

    It's official, Tiger will arrive on 29 Apr 2005!


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    Re:Ordered OS X Panther :D

    [quote author=stryder144 link=board=11;threadid=8964;start=0#msg93306 date=1113329794]
    It's official, Tiger will arrive on 29 Apr 2005!
    Since I bought my Mini in March, I wonder if I qualify for the $10 upgrade? I hope so... :

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    Re:Ordered OS X Panther :D

    only macs bought in april qualify i believe...

    also, it may only be a .1 release, but it has arguably the biggest and most changes under the hood and with the ui out of any os x release...good stuff

    and no, 10.3.9 doesn't *almost* have everything that tiger does...they might even release 10.3.10 with some more fixes before all is said and done

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    Can not wait for panther to come out in Australia

    it would be a cool system

    thanks nerdman

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    Anyone have a release date for Leopard? I'm going to guess June is going to be the month, since that is the month of the next major keynote.
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