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Thread: LinuxFormat 2004 nominations

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    Re:LinuxFormat 2004 nominations

    [quote author=Ralinx link=board=13;threadid=8961;start=0#msg81945 date=1082319860]
    sure, this is a fun board, but it's not the best resource for help

    i agree, sometimes you need to go other places for help.

    makes sence if you need help with gentoo you go to board that only talks about gentoo

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    Re:LinuxFormat 2004 nominations

    In a twist of irony I have just been banned from f.g.o for yelling at a religious fanatic.

    I guess I have to find a new hangout now.

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    Re:LinuxFormat 2004 nominations

    Good luck. You won't find that many place like here. Sure, they may know too well when it comes to a few computing technologies but other than that, they are mostly all fucking idiots and their egos are way too high up there.

    I also honestly don't think LJR is the best technical help since we don't have many developers but I believe we do a good job at helping new comers to get somewhere and make them feel comfortible with Linux ( so that they can go to rougher seas ). I think we have done our job fabulously as we desired.

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    Re:LinuxFormat 2004 nominations

    linuxjunior is a great place, there are very knowledgeable and helpful people here. it is a shame when people let off topic discussion get out of hand by acting childish. :

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    Re:LinuxFormat 2004 nominations

    BSD p0rn Master, Lovey?

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    Re:LinuxFormat 2004 nominations

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=13;threadid=8961;start=0#msg82045 date=1082450472]
    BSD p0rn Master, Lovey?

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