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Thread: Is it just me...

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    Is it just me...

    ..or is the quality of google really going down? The last couple months, ive noticed i dont get as many good results as i used to.

    also their method of page ranking seems a little hard to get up to the top, especially for new websites. its based on what and how many websites link to it, so like:
    Exhibit A:
    page 1 has a bunch of bullshit, but is linked to by a lot of other sites, especially with high ratings, the bullshit site is going to get a higher rating.

    Exhibit B:
    page 2 is a high quality website, having a lot of good information, but not very many high rating sites link to it, so page 2 keeps a low rating.

    seems evil if you ask me..

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    Re:Is it just me...

    For me, I have a problem when I search for my own site.

    It's rated lower than a site that isn't even maintained anymore.. And is hosted on geocities... Ugh.

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    Re:Is it just me...

    Well, they are running on mentality that IF it's well worth linking from many sites, it must be good.

    Whether a page is good nor not is largly depends on who is doing the rating.


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