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Thread: Becoming a US citizen

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    Re:Becoming a US citizen

    [quote author=boblucci link=board=17;threadid=8954;start=0#msg80817 date=1080844220]
    [quote author=Mandrake blows link=board=17;threadid=8954;start=0#msg80798 date=1080821791]
    It just so happens that I had the misfortune to find myself a nice girl online, the misfortune is that she happened to be an american so now I'm moving to Chicago.

    Actually I have to thank TeRG (Dusk Knight) for hooking us up... scary.

    your going to move to a country you dont like for a girl you never met in person?

    Oh thats right it's April 1st....... duh

    Weirder things have happened. Plus, he may realize that he dosen't love the girl, but loves Chicago. I have done rash things for women who have left me (or that I have left) only to be introduced to a person or place that I cherish, but would have not had in my life otherwise.

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    Re:Becoming a US citizen

    Better kill this one now that it's no longer 1st of April (at least not here).

    Yes, I happen to have been hooked up by TeRG with a great girl (my kinda great: socialist, atheist and all round cool chick), whom I've been talking to for more than a year now. However I have no plans of going to the US, and we are just good friends.

    so I'll have to have the family tofu roast thing in wait till a time where it would be safe for me to enter the US. But I plan to take you up on that dinner some day pbharris. Maybe someday when the US is sane again, I don't much care for US VISIT and the Patriot act.

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    Re:Becoming a US citizen

    Chicago does rule april 1st or not.

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    Re:Becoming a US citizen

    [quote author=countach44 link=board=17;threadid=8954;start=0#msg80829 date=1080857483]
    Chicago does rule april 1st or not.

    Tell it like it is!!


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