Great, my mighty 100 mbps internet pipe will be shut down today. :'(

The reason? Too much shared MP3's. You see, me and my hubby don't have the whole pipe to ourselves, our neighbors are also using the same connection. The provider monitors the traffic in the network pretty closely, for obvious reasons - if someone is sharing too much, they'll get shut down for blocking all the traffic.

Yeah. So maybe we shouldn't have shared all those MP3's. This is the last day I'll post to LJR using our nice fast pipe. :'(

Anyway, losing the internet connection isn't the worst part. No, the Finnish Composers' Copyright Society, Teosto, has obviously got too much influence from RIAA. Our provider has confirmed we've been sharing an excess amount of copyrighted MP3's, and Teosto has announced they'll take action against us.

I'm just so damn scared now. I wonder what's the worst thing they can do? Get us in jail? Make us pay? (yeah, like we had some money in the first place) Deny internet access for a certain amount of time?

I don't know what'll happen, but I'll keep you guys informed if I can. Man, this sucks. :'(