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Thread: What's Linus Worth

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    What's Linus Worth

    I was talking to a friend and we are wondering if he's worth a million or more. Does anybody know?


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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    He leads a comformtable life doing what he does best and you benefit from it - that's all you need to know... seriously why do you need to dig in his personal business. But I can promise you he is not filthy rich.

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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    First of all, just curious. Secondly, I thought public figures is public information.

    Because it's open source doesn't mean you not making money.

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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    Okay the only really big sum of money he ever recieved was a no strings attached 10 million USD worth of stock from RedHat and a few other companies that made their living off Linux, but that was during the .com boom, I doubt he made any real money on that.

    He is a highly educated, very clever and knowledgable guy... I doubt he staves..

    Oh and the best part, he gets the newest top model PC when ever he wants sponsored.. that's kind of a nice perk

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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    isnt he sponsered now to work on linux full-time? from osdl or somethin

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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    [quote author=burntash link=board=13;threadid=9450;start=0#msg85747 date=1088865502]
    isnt he sponsered now to work on linux full-time? from osdl or somethin


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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    Yeah, he has been working for OSDL ( Open Source Development Labs ) for a while and took a leave of absense from his former company, Transmeta.

    While OSDL is based in Washington state, he is telecommuting from his home in Mountain View, California. But that will change since he will be moving ( although not for his work reason but his wife dislike the fast paced life style of Silicon Valley ) and will probably sell his million-dollar home. Looks like he will also make money off of that too since the house appreciation rate is more than 17% per year for this region. You can get quiet nice house in Washington State for that kind of money ( from his equity plus the price appreciation difference ). So I guess he is doing well.

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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    Even if he decided to stop working on the Linux kernel tomorrow he could still go out and get basically any job he wanted, he's one of the greatest coders and technologists of our time - plus being the father of Linux isn't really a bad thing to put on your resume.

    I highly doubt we will be seeing Linus Benedict Torvalds with a "Will code for food" sign any time soon.

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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    He has an account at work. Either I or a friend spoke with him awhile back. Dont remember.

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    Re:What's Linus Worth

    [quote author=gmoreno link=board=13;threadid=9450;start=0#msg85805 date=1088966767]
    He has an account at work. Either I or a friend spoke with him awhile back. Dont remember.
    That's a symptom of mpd.

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