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Thread: IRC Bot Integration into LJR

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    IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    Well TeRG (Or should I say Dusky now?) and I were talking in #ljr and I said I should revive gorbot (My old IRC Bot that sat in #ljr and didn't really do much) just for the larts. So I was about to until I looked at the code, let's just say it was disgusting.

    So I've started rewriting it and am thinking of features for it...
    What about integration into the LJR webpage? Like !pets would show a list of all the pets, you could select one and it would send the link (That way you can show newbies where to go without openning your own webbrowser, just a !pet *apache*) Or !recentposts or !whosonline or whatever.

    So there are 3 ways I can think of to do this.

    One) through the web interface, the bot is in Perl so parsing html is not a big deal.

    Two) Some "lite" version of the webpage so bandwidth isn't wasted, much like how slashdot provides an easy to parse low bandwidth page for bots to use.

    Three) SQL. That's the cleanest, if the bot was run on cloverm's server (Since he is moving it to his own anyway) it could just use the same database that the forums use, read-only of course (Unless we thought of good reason for write of something...?).

    Three is the best, but security is also the most of an issues, cloverm may not want to give out shells on his webserver, and I couldn't write it as easily if I had to wait for him to load the new version (I suppose I could setup my own yabbse with his PET mod but still some things would be different). Also if my code was sloppy (My code, sloppy? Never!) and there was a security implication that could be bad. I suppose SQL can also be done over the internet, so that could be another method, bot runs on my box, but connects to cloverm's SQL server.

    Thoughts? Ideas of what features should be implemented (It's not gonna be nearly as annoying this time, and hopefully there won't be as many bot-fights)?

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    I like that idea. However, not being too familiar with IRC, I can't think of any suggestions.

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    I love it. Especially the who's online and the pet thing!! AWESOME!! The recent posts would be cool too but not as major. I would vote for the read only internet access to cloverm's SQL DB much easier, and bandwidth friendly.

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    gorn, that is a really nifty idea.
    A few friends of mine over at and have done something similar.

    You are writing the bot in perl... what module are you using?
    I am writing a bot as well, nothing really useful, except for channel administration.. (P::C::I is a bird-easy module...)

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    finally a reason to revisit #ljr.

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    Let me jump in and point to . It's an extremely advanced, cool, featured and solid IRC bot written in Python. I have contributed modules to it. You may want to help an existing project instead of starting a new one. Just something to think about.

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    The module I'm using is Net::IRC

    As for supybot, I'm looking at it and it looks promissing and from the plugins page it seems that it's well developed. I don't know python nearly as well as I know perl, but I can learn. I'll look at it and decide what I want.

    I'm thrilled with the feedback. I've been working on little features through-out the day, I'm gonna hold off on working on ljr-specific features until I know what method I should take.

    Working commands are:
    !google foo #search google for foo
    !dict bar #dictionary for bar
    !fortune #the infamous /usr/games/fortune
    !my email=foo comment=bar #can be seen from !whois user
    !whois user #...
    !addlart lart %s good #we need some larts, i only put in 2
    !lart lamer #ahh the larts
    !hi #hi...

    Then a couple more commands that aren't public.
    Feel free to stop in and talk to GorBot, he's friendly. (If he crashes and burns don't worry about it)

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    I'm confused about the pet thing, does it print the pet to IRC, or is that too short? Maybe it could send it as a private message?

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    PETs I'm not sure I'd do the whole thing via IRC because who really wants to read a PET in an IRC window anyway? I think I'd just have it so you can search by title and get a link to the one you want, so that way some newb is asking how to setup grub and you're just like !pet grub and it sends a link.

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    Re:IRC Bot Integration into LJR

    Good point with that window thing.

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