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    Stupid Question

    Please forgive me i'm a Newbie
    I just installed an RPM how do I run the program-the program is qtparted-I'm really sorry but Fedora didn't come with an instrution manual.

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    Re:Stupid Question


    You might need to make an icon for yourself if the rpm didn't made it for you. However, for the sake of simplicity, you can probably open a command line and type the name of the application.

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    Re:Stupid Question

    have you tried running "qtparted" ?

    Otherwise (as root) run "updatedb" and then do a "locate parted" and see if it finds it. I dont have that tool installed, so I can't say for certain. Although, their website may help.

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    Re:Stupid Question

    I don't know if you were going to, but you can't reformat a drive while it's in use. You need to load off a cd or something

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    Re:Stupid Question

    Thanks, I got it working. I formatted all the partitions and installed Win XP. From there I installed Fedora-and now it is working perfectly

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