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Thread: Redhat earns 34 Million in revenues

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    Redhat earns 34 Million in revenues,91590,00.html

    Redhat seems to be doing pretty good for itself. But since it shied from free commercial releases, is this a good indicator of nix and the gpl becoming more popular?

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    Re:Redhat earns 34 Million in revenues

    Good news I would say.

    Next year needs to be 100M in revenues.

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    Re:Redhat earns 34 Million in revenues

    Probably. It's not just RedHat fighting alone anymore. Now IBM is heavily involved in the fray, as is Novel and the ever-indecisive Sun Microsystems. With a backing like that people are starting to pay attention to linux.

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    Re:Redhat earns 34 Million in revenues

    heh..last year they did 115 million. they had 97 million in the bank, and was 16 million in debt. -- however, based on the fiscal year it was 126 million revenue, yahoo finance goes to january. their profit was 59 million.

    they are a pretty good size company, belive it or not.

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