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    Tech Resumes

    I want to write a resume, but I am completely lost on how to do so. Ok, I know how to write the basic, I was a Liberal Arts major resume. But when it comes to tech resumes, I'm lost. I feel like I have way too much stuff to put down (as a result of being responsible for way too many things), but I don't know how to make sense of it all.

    Can anyone lead me to a good resource or reference on the matter?

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    Re:Tech Resumes

    just take a look at the one i sent you and copy from that......kidding!!!

    i wish i could help you but i cant get jobs with the resume i have how could i help someone out, hehehe

    i guess you want to list what you do technicly and things that you have accomplished in that job.

    sell yourself is what i have always been told.

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