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Thread: Windows 2000 HD problems

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    Windows 2000 HD problems

    Hey everyone,

    If you just want to know the question and don't care about the history scroll all the way to the bottom of this message.

    This is the situation. I am doing a consulting thing for someone, he had some e-mail trouble... so after rebooting (yeah for him knowing to try a reboot first!!) it still doesn't work. So what is the next thing he tries to do. REINSTALL WINDOWS 2000!!!!!! WTF, why do decide to do a reinstall after having e-mail problems!!!

    Anyway so after, starting up the greatest distro, Knoppix, I check the HD and see that the file structure is still good!! Yay! Not so much, after trying to copy his My Documents folder to a thumb drive, another GREAT invention, I just bought the whole thing stalls! So my thought is that there are bad sectors on the HD.

    Does anyone know if I can just stick a HD (used to be a windows 200 machine, so ntfs formatted) in an existing Windows 2000 machine and have it do its check disk utility on the newly inserted HD?

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    Re:Windows 2000 HD problems

    Yes you can.

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    Re:Windows 2000 HD problems

    Cool I will give that a try tonight!

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