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Thread: anyone using C#/Mono?

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    ah that's a bug that was introduced with Mono 0.29 IIRC

    try this version:

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    Good, it works now. Is the source code the same? I could probably look at your code to get a feel of the language.

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    [quote author=GnuVince link=board=9;threadid=8872;start=0#msg80219 date=1079805786]
    Good, it works now. Is the source code the same? I could probably look at your code to get a feel of the language.

    the only difference in source code is extra checks for the mono bug that you hit, and i kinda rearranged some stuff and created a MonoDevelop project file for it.

    if you're interested, the code is here:

    EDIT: no wait, i remember now... i didn't add extra checks... i 'officially' stopped working on ircleech so this is just my personal version which is fully aimed at Mono/Linux instead of the 'official' version which was aimed at MS.NET/Windows/Mono/Linux

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    [quote author=Ralinx link=board=9;threadid=8872;start=0#msg80193 date=1079766310]
    [quote author=GnuVince link=board=9;threadid=8872;start=0#msg80183 date=1079745034]
    so if you can point me to good resources, I might just look at it

    it's actually an easy language to get started in... i suggest just experiment a little and just browse the framework when you need to do something in particular so you can learn about all the available classes.

    I'll second that. If you know Java, you know C#, and java's not exactly brain surgery. I'm really serious here...I've ported 2000 lines of Java to C# in less than an hour, and C# <----> Java converters were among the first tools to market when C# first came out. The libraries are different, there are some capitalization nuances, and some conventions are a little different, but really one IS the other. The real differences come out when you compare the target platforms and bytecode. Suffice to say that MS learned from Sun's mistakes, even if Sun didn't. The .NET platform really is an impressive piece of technology.

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