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Thread: anyone using C#/Mono?

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    anyone using C#/Mono?

    i've been a big fan of C# and the .NET framework for about a year now, and i was wondering if anyone over here is using it?

    i wrote a program in C# that connects to a bunch of IRC servers and then lets me leech all the warez nice and easily ( without too much hassle. I stopped working on it though due to lack of interest on my part because most of the fun stuff was done already.

    these days i'm using C# mostly for framework development... nothing big really, just some stuff that i experiment with...

    so anyway.. has anyone here done anything with C# yet?

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    I could never get the environment to install properly...

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    [quote author=trickster link=board=9;threadid=8872;start=0#msg80109 date=1079642975]
    I could never get the environment to install properly...

    what kind of problems did you have? maybe i can help out

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    I think last time I tried, I had trouble accessing the CVS. However, that was a long time ago. I will try again...

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    Sadly Mono's garbage collection doesn't work under FreeBSD 5.x since Mono 0.24. So as much as I would like to do C#/.NET coding I'm unable atm. (The port is marked broken for this reason - someone has to convince Ximian to fix it or do it themselves)

    It's a great framework though, and C# is a extremely nice language.

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    [quote author=trickster link=board=9;threadid=8872;start=0#msg80112 date=1079644077]
    I think last time I tried, I had trouble accessing the CVS. However, that was a long time ago. I will try again...

    well there's really no reason to use the CVS version of mono unless you're thinking about contributing to mono

    if you just wanna play around with it, install a released version and things should go pretty smooth... they might even have packages for your distro. and if no packages are available, compiling it isn't very hard (it's not like the CVS version which requires a magic combination of steps to get it working )

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    WEll, I'm going to give mono 0.30.1 a try in hopes to getting IRCLeech running on BSD.

    BTW, Welcome Back Ralinx! ;D


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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    I have it installed, but I haven't found a (nor did I look too hard I admit) good tutorial. These days I fool around with Squeak a lot (if only programming environments could all be like that...). I also still have fun with Python and Common Lisp. But I'm without a job, so learning C# could look well on my resume, so if you can point me to good resources, I might just look at it (though I am pretty sure it would not become my favorite language)

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    [quote author=GnuVince link=board=9;threadid=8872;start=0#msg80183 date=1079745034]
    so if you can point me to good resources, I might just look at it

    well unfortunately i can't... the company i work for has a subscription to and that's where i go to learn more about IT things and obviously i can't give out the account information.

    But there are a lot of C# forums out there, and i'll bet a lot of those places have tutorials online. Also, MSDN has a SHITLOAD of information because they wanna turn everyone into .NET developers.

    it's actually an easy language to get started in... i suggest just experiment a little and just browse the framework when you need to do something in particular so you can learn about all the available classes.

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    Re:anyone using C#/Mono?

    [vince@vincent: ~/src/ircleech-0.1]% mono ircleech_linux.exe 
    ** (ircleech_linux.exe:18719): WARNING **: Could not load class from token 0x01000044 in ircleech_linux.exe
    System.NullReferenceException: A null value was found where an object instance was required
    in <0x000d7> IRCLeech.CDownloadManager:.ctor ()
    in <0x002bd> IRCLeech.CIRCLeech:Initialize ()
    in <0x00031> lingui.CStartup:Main ()
    [vince@vincent: ~/src/ircleech-0.1]%
    What do I do?

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