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disneyland & cali
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Thread: disneyland & cali

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    disneyland & cali

    ah - got back from a week long trip yesterday - it was great to get away. not sure if anybody missed my but i missed ljr - and my dogs!!

    anywho - here are some pics of my and the family

    Us and the mouse -> http://home.covad.net/~pbharris/files/img_0045.jpg

    me and my girls with goofy and pooh at breakfast -> http://home.covad.net/~pbharris/files/img_0091.jpg

    my girls in the pacific -> http://home.covad.net/~pbharris/files/img_0157.jpg

    the girls and me acting like i know how to swim in the pacific ->

    the wifey in the pacific -> http://home.covad.net/~pbharris/files/img_0150.jpg

    we had a kick ass time. ;D

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    Re:disneyland & cali

    Cool pics thanks for posting them ;D

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    Re:disneyland & cali

    Cool pics ....

    Although Pacific to me is like home. ;D

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    Re:disneyland & cali


    What can I say...I laughed, I cried...

    I especially like the picture of y'all and Goofy...very nice.

    Two thumbs, way up!

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    Re:disneyland & cali

    Your wife is hot must be all the veggies.

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    Re:disneyland & cali

    thanks all! Compunuts - you are soo lucky! i love the ocean, esp. the pacific.

    lovey - i will let my wife know

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    Re:disneyland & cali

    great pics. Thanks for sharing! You're daughters are absolutely adorable. Glad to hear you had a great time; it sure looks like it in the pics!

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    Re:disneyland & cali

    Wonderful pictures and you have a wonderful family.

    Why we didn't see you in the ocean? Are you a landlubber?

    Which beach was it, Santa Monica or Venice?

    I used to hang out in Venice beach!

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    Re:disneyland & cali

    that person with their back to the camera in image img_0180.jpg is me landlubber - ha! i love swimming in the ocean, it is soo hard getting used to pools

    i have hung out at Venice beach before - sweet! but for this we were at PB in san diego, which is also sweet!

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