Being as I am pretty sure I am the only one here who actually uses Enlightenment as their Primary desktop manager (I do use KDE and flux sometimes, but I am mainly an E kinda guy) I feel it's my duty to let you guys in on a little news. The next release of enlightenment is well on its way to a pre-release and the source code is in CVS for the world to gawk at. Enlightenment has always been known for its fantastically pretty environments that always bring GUI capeabilities to another level. I can sit here and rant all day about how amazing this is, but I think its better to let the product speak for itself so check out these screenshots, and moreimportantly, the videos at the bottom of this page:

I have built the source code on my system and I must say it cant be beat, everything being rendered in real time, real transparency, real shadows, organic/active desktop items all with the absolute minimal impact on system resources (4-5% CPU Usage!!!) especially when compared to somthing like X.orgs composite abilities this is on a whole different level. It's not quite ready to use,even for those of us who can stand a few crashes, there just isnt all the functionality needed by a wm..............yet, give it time, and we shall see.