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Thread: Installing Slackware 9.1 questions

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    Installing Slackware 9.1 questions

    I did some searching through this site and other sites, and came across this, which looks very helpful, but i have a few questions on some things.

    First I am installing Slackware on a seperate HD, which currently has nothing on it, which is ste up as the primary slave so for Fdisk I am guessing i would use fdisk /dev/hdb ?

    Also the person who typed this loses me when he gets into, setting up different partitions. What exactly is a logical drive ?

    I understand about the main partition and swap partition, but are the other partitions just personal preference or are they a good idea to have ? Any recommended sizes for swap partition ?

    thanks for any help let me know if my questions arent clear

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    Re:Installing Slackware 9.1 questions

    I'd recommend using cfdisk or qtparted which can be found on the bootable live distro (no installation needed)

    Here's a good site for partitions:
    (yes I know it uses win as an example)

    Swap should be twice your RAM, and for desktop use, it's nice to have everything as one / partition, I generally do that unless I have multiple drives.

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    Re:Installing Slackware 9.1 questions

    cool thanks man

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