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Thread: Installing XFree 4.4

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    Installing XFree 4.4

    Hi! I had some problems with X on debian and I think that my X problems on Debian began with me not installing X properly so I want to re-install x and when i switch to the xfree86 directory on the cd to install X, I cant see all the packages is there any way to scroll through the CLI? Thanks! And after installing all the packages how do I make sure I have an X11 directory and all of that? Thanks!

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    Re:Installing XFree 4.4

    To scroll slowly through a file list, do
    a ls | more
    The X11 directory should be on /etc/X11

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    Re:Installing XFree 4.4

    Thanks! I got it installed but when i type in startx it tell me:

    Fatal Error:
    No screens found

    I tried editing my XF86Config-4 file in the /etc/X11 directory but no help..

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    Re:Installing XFree 4.4

    See if there is a /etc/X11/XF86Config, and edit that one.

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    Re:Installing XFree 4.4

    I also edited that one but no luck!

    Luck has befallen me. hopefully that makes sense I got it working..anyone who has the same trouble make sure you add

    Option "Screen 0" "<videocard>" That's what worked for me

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