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Thread: what version?

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    what version?

    What is the difference between i386 and i686

    I'm putting gentoo linux on my p4 and amd athlon
    and i have no idea which to download

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    Re:what version?

    i686 is for pentium pro and later (i.e. pentium II, III an IV) and the AMD athlon/ Duron. i386 is for any x86 processor. go for the i686, odds are you ahve a PC newer than 2000.

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    Re:what version?

    So what will happen if you run the i686 version on something like a PII? I never really noticed that, but I know I'm running the i686 version and my laptop has a PII. It runs slower....and I was investigating upgrading the ram.

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    Re:what version?

    That depends.

    Red Hat for example, will optimize for a particular arch, but build for a 386. Gentoo, I believe, will build and optimize for a 686. Red Hat's rpms will run on any system (386 or better), whereas the Gentoo will not. Gentoo will however have a slight speed improvement on any package that is built differently (as previously stated).

    For the record, You really only need a few apps optimized and built for your specific arch :

    (brainfart, cant recall).

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