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Thread: How do i trace and send a signal??

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    Re:How do i trace and send a signal??

    What forums would provide everything about tracing, **************************** I'm on a linux forum and i'm not even running linux, unix, solaris, BeOS, Mac i can go on. I'm running XP and i'm posting on a Linux forum. I think it would be better if i could post on a hacking/traceing forum. Don't you agree??

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    Re:How do i trace and send a signal??

    I agree, use google, look for your hacking/tracing forums and post there.

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    Re:How do i trace and send a signal??


    If you haven't noticed, "hacking into systems" is illegal. I've asked you to refrain from asking about illegal stuff. This is your second warning.

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    Re:How do i trace and send a signal??

    By the way, I don't think you need to post on a forum. you need to start reading on your own and learning.

    Use Google to find materials regarding the subject that interests you, and start reading.

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