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Thread: Starting a Security Company

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    Starting a Security Company

    One thing that has been on mind mind lately was starting my own security consulting firm. I've done some consulting before, but only by word of mouth. Whats the best way to get going, get the name out, and win clients? How do I get companies to understand security is a big deal (especially in the local setting). Buisness isn't my forte... Anyone have experience with their own consulting?

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    Re:Starting a Security Company

    I started with building the website [], ordered about 500 business cards, and posted them everywhere. Tech friendly places [coffee shops, business boards], as well as the boards in laundry rooms of several apartments. I then went to the internet and posted links to my site and my finished projects [] everywhere. Eventually, my inbox runneth over.

    Word of mouth has been my best tool though.

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    Re:Starting a Security Company

    Maybe an ad worm would be an idea?

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    Re:Starting a Security Company

    Try buying the book Guerrilla Marketing or other similar type of book. It will give you ideas.

    You might also try getting an article published online at a security website. You could put your business name, website, etc at the end of your article. Try getting published in Linux Journal or Linux Magazine. These are just some small steps that you might take.


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    Re:Starting a Security Company

    There's what you do...

    First become a master social engineer - then gain access to some of the worlds most secure servers. When the feds come for you, fleet the country for a few years only to be caught. After 8 months in solitary confinement confess to all sorts of untrue stuff - while every hacker on earth is cheering you on of course.
    When you have served your time, write a book and start your firm.. instant succes.

    Oh wait...

    I would go with marketing training courses, there are normally offers some kind of course for people who are setting up businesses for the first time, you will learn alot about book keeping, the legal requirements and marketing your business.

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    Re:Starting a Security Company

    Thanks for the replies

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