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Thread: locking down mozilla preferences

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    locking down mozilla preferences

    My Boss wants me to setup a Linux box to act as a kiosk, limiting web browsing to our domain and one or two others. Squid running locally works fine for this, but I'm worried about the preferences in Mozilla, since a user could change them on the fly. Of course, I can make the file read-only, but that won't help the prefs in memory.

    Anyone know how I can either always force web traffic thru squid on localhost, or how to keep the Mozilla preferences from being edited while Mozilla is up?

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    Re:locking down mozilla preferences

    There's a kiosk extension for mozilla(-firefox) available. I'm not sure if it does what you need but maybe give it a shot:

    And about the squid thing: You can set it up as a transparent proxy so that you don't need to enter the proxy in the browser's preferences. There's mini-howto available on how to do that:

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