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    Re:sourceforge thingy

    I was talking with countach44 about this on another forum and I was thinking that making the purpose of the LJR project more focused would allow it to gain hosting on SourceForge. For example, you can create a package like coreutils (in this case it will be something like LJR_utils or auxutils and etc.), which can contain patches/tools/apps/etc. that are posted on this forum. After all, I was able to get a project on SF for some humble code, so therefore, I do not think that you would have that much of a problem, once the purpose is outlined clearly.

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    Re:sourceforge thingy

    SF refuses to even detail why I was denied. I tried lying a few days later, and was still denied. For some reason, nothing I submit (even a few personal projects that are VERY focused) is accepted.

    Perhaps better luck for someone else. I am still awaiting a response from Savannah.

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