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Thread: Network Adapter --CLUELESS

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    Network Adapter --CLUELESS


    On my new linux box I am using an MSI KM4M series motherboard with an athlon processor.

    The motherboard has an integral ethernet adapter, and I have no idea it is supported.

    In an attempt to prove it, I have tried to connect the cable modem through it instead of using the USB port (which works fine now).

    I think that I need to install a module for this, but just don't know where to go from here.

    Control Centre>information>PCI appears to recognise the hardware, displaying it as a VIA technologies VT1602 ethernet controller.

    Does that mean that it is installed/supported??????

    Any help appreciated.



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    Re:Network Adapter --CLUELESS

    If it is showing there, it should be working.

    I am not sure what is the nature of your problem:

    Is it that you don't know if it is supported, or that you cannot get a connection?

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    Re:Network Adapter --CLUELESS

    It doesn't appear to be working - so I am wondering if there is a driver module missing for it - my guess was that it could tell there was hardware there but had no driver module for it. I was therefore asuming that I needed to download a module - but when i went looking couldnt find one.

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    Re:Network Adapter --CLUELESS

    do a
    cd /usr/src/linux; make menuconfig;
    and see if there's an official module

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    Re:Network Adapter --CLUELESS

    via-rhine is the module you want.

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    Re:Network Adapter --CLUELESS

    root@c211-30-183-131 notroot]# cd /usr/src/linux
    bash: cd: /usr/src/linux: No such file or directory
    [root@c211-30-183-131 notroot]#

    That one didn't work.

    [root@c211-30-183-131 notroot]# whatis via*
    vi [nex] (1) - text editors
    vi [nvi] (1) - text editors
    vi [nview] (1) - text editors
    via (4x) - VIA video driver

    PB does this confirm that it's not there and needs to be installed?

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    Re:Network Adapter --CLUELESS

    what does modprobe -l | grep rhine return?

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    Re:Network Adapter --CLUELESS

    did you install the kernel source?

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