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Thread: CD-RW drives

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    CD-RW drives

    Hi all:
    It looks like hardware troubles may be afoot, so once again I turn to the LJR community which has so often provided answers where others have failed.

    My 12x8x32x LG CD burner has developed a habit of making an alarming whirring sound (someone has described it as sounding like a mini weed whacker) when certain CDs are inserted.

    I have also had reports by other users of this CD drive that they have had trouble writing to CDs of a brand where no problems were previously observed.

    I tried things out myself today using a rewritable CD to test out writing capability and things seem OK. With the rewritable CD there was not even the whirring sound. This quiet operation seems to be observed only while using certain CDs, while others cause it to sound like it is going to explode.

    So far my research on this matter has turned up articles that mention that it is possible for certain CDs to cause balancing problems in CD drives which can cause the problems that I have observed. Other sources state that this is very likely a sign of impeding CD drive failure. So far, "hand on" troubleshooting has be limited to making sure that the unit was screwed in properly with no excessively loose screws.

    At this point I would like to ask if anyone has any suggestions/insights as to what this problem may actually be and what can be done to solve it. Also, if a replacement is likely to be necessary, I would be very interested in hearing any opinions on good replacement CD -RW drives.

    Cheers . . .

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    Re:CD-RW drives

    Sounds like you have a really good start on things. I would say keep a record of the cd types you are burning and what speeds you are burning at and compile a chart. If an answer becomes obvious, or even if it doesnt, post your results here. Im sure most of us would be interested in the results.

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    Re:CD-RW drives

    For whatever reason, yes your cd is not spinning on a level plane. Perhaps the grip is loose. If you are into hardware hacking, try mucking around with that.

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    Re:CD-RW drives

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I may not be able to do too much testing right now due mainly to lack of time and a limited suppy of blank CDs on hand at the moment but I'll run what I know so far:

    CD BRAND: SmartBuy
    TYPE: CD-R
    ATTEMPTS: 2 (failed)

    CD BRAND: Verbatim [really good name for a company producing recording/storage media]
    ATTEMPTS: 2 (success)


    CDs which cause the noise seem to be limited to CD-Rs and various game and other commercially produced media (eg. games etc.). So far I have not heard the noise when mounting a CD-RW disc.

    Slave Copy: I'm not really too handy with the hardware hacking, but if things get desperate I might try.

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    Re:CD-RW drives

    Im meant to follow up a while ago but things got busy. It looks like the problem may have resolved itself. I don't notice any more noise and I have not done anything to try and fix the problem. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.

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