I still read the local newspaper online from my hometown, even though I havent lived there in 12 years. Every once in a while something in there will piss me off, and I end up writing a letter to the editor. Well this same episode played out last week. Here is a copy of what I sent the editor.

In a recent letter, Mr. Jacob D. Layne touted the great job that the Democratic Party has done in West Virginia. He goes so far in one paragraph to say, "Democrats have worked over the past 70 years to establish social programs to help the working man and the underprivileged at all times, thus creating Social Security, Medicare, the minimum wage act, child labor laws, Children's Health Insurance Program, Promise Scholarship and much more."

While these are all good programs, they are treating the symptoms of an illness and not the illness itself.

The largest employer in West Virginia is Wal-Mart. Do you need me to tell you how sad and pathetic that is? The average yearly income in West Virginia is less than $30,000 a year.

What kind of plan does West Virginia have for future economic growth? Are we planning on beating the dead coal mining horse some more, or is someone going to wake up and see that West Virginia needs to start building a technology base? Lay plans to lure companies into our state, not tax them out of it.

So, while Democratic rule has allowed the building of plans to aid the poor, they have not contributed even a little to curing the real problem, which is poor planning and a lack of leadership.

Mark Birchfield

Gautier, Miss.
West Virginia could be so much more if there werent so many idiots running the state. oh well. :'(