Microsoft say's windows is more secure than linux!
Yah ok then.
Here is how it goes.
Why does linux have thousand's more security updates than windows.
Because we find and fix fast than windows will ever.
If a virus ever came out for linux and was a serious threat (Won't ever happen)
We would have found it and posted a fix in minutes
compared to windows just ignoreing the problem and fixing it when thay get around to it.
With an attitude like that no wonder windows is dieing.
Good bye Bill wasn't a pleasure to now ya hope you die pore and lonely.<---------This will happen)
Hello linux/unix
People we have the best tech support and sys developers in the world just because we have our proplems windows problems are even worse plus most of them can't and won't ever be fixed example
fat16/fat32/ntfs <------------ Microsoft trying to fix it's own f up's now linux's ext2/ext3/reiserfs reiserfs4/jfs/xfs ect ect just us building fileing systems that work better for differant system arch's
Playstation2 <----------Is a linux lover.
There is your games.