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Thread: Debian with Gnome?

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    Debian with Gnome?

    This will mess up things a bit. Change is good

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    Gnome really needs a code freez to work out them bug's i use to love gnome back during the 2.4 days but now it is just way to unstable for my likeing

    Kde is no better during the 3.1 days everything was really good your icons would actualy line up properly with out haveing to play with them.

    Xfce4 is nice the only things i don't like are no desktop icons needs a better file maniger and console needs the ability to copy past.
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    Hmm, I thought with Gnome 2.8 being included into Debian Sarge the code base would be really solid. I didn't think that the Debian devs would accept anything into CVS for Sarge that couldn't withstand a nuclear bombardment, a.k.a. an all out idiot user assault.
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    Re: Debian with Gnome?

    im a pretty big gnome user but the latest one on the debian release does appear a bit buggy i was working on my computer the other day and upgraded gnome from the sarge repositories and it basically freezes after a half hour i like gnome but it seems a bit buggy and slow
    at first i was excited to see gnome pushed to the sarge branch but now i realize they need to fix some bugs

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