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Thread: Mandy 10

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    Mandy 10

    Well, looks like mandrake released 10 for it's members today!

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    Re:Mandy 10

    hehe... already downloaded all 5 cds in the powerpack edition.. I'll get back at you guys with a review later.

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    Re:Mandy 10

    I have nothing to say but WOW....


    first I decided to use the custom partition tool, since I wanted to preserve my old /home. I couldn't decided if I wanted reiserfs or ext3 (settled on ext3 as it was the default) on the rest of the partitions - so when it came to writing fstab the program wrote ext3 but kept the settings for reiserfs (namely notail), making the partitions unmountable. I had to boot my trusty gentoo livecd and fix fstab by hand.

    In the software selection menu I had no option to select rhythmbox nor gstreamer - as I'm a GNOME user and Mandrake always provided a good GNOME desktop I really wanted those two programs. They were on the cds though - once I had the system booting I had to use the urpmi frontend to select the correct package - it then prompted me to select the correct gstreamer sink (there was no option to make it shutup and pick the default one like apt-get provides.. no mortal knows the difference between alsa, jack, nas and so on... NO VERY USERFRIENDLY!!!).

    The installer itself despite being the powerpack edition had ads in it, something that's low even for Mandrake - I did not pay to look at ads while I install - keep that kind of stuff in the freeloaders edition.

    The Mandrake menu system takes a while to get used to, so I disabled it - there are still missing icons for OOo. And OOo appears in both in the Office and the Others menu. There were a few unlaunchable menuitems, and when you disable the drake menustyle it keeps and annoying Mandrake menulist in the buttom of the menulist, I can't seem to disable it easily.

    The default theme has the worst window decorations ever, it's completely impossible to see what the different buttons do, due to contrast and size issues. This has been a complaint of mine since Galaxy got introduced.

    As usual Mandrake ships tons of bleeding edge packages, which means stuff is bound to be broken - The Totem video player (possibly xine-lib) has issues with displaying the correct colors - mostly it picks greyscale. Disappointing to say the least, very unprofessional and user-unfriendly.

    The default kernel oopsed, and the GNOME desktop caused more core dumps that I've ever seen in my life - very nice idea to fill my home dir with files Mandrake... intelligent. That feature should be disabled, it's for developers not the target audience.

    Mandrake decided not wot wait another month for GNOME 2.6 to be released, it's kinda disappointing since the new gtk+ fixes the issue everyone complains about... the fileselector. Of course there's a whole heap of other improvements as well.

    On the plus side the powerpack edition did install the accelerated driver for my Geforce4 card. And Mandrake now switched from using the unsafe supermount to magicdev (which is equally a bad but at least it's a userspace implementation), there's a configuration tool for magicdev included but it points to scripts rather than having a dropdown box where I could pick which program to start. User-unfriendliness.

    Mandrake for this disgraceful release - may you go belly up.

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    Re:Mandy 10

    So, tell us what you really think...and be truthful, this is for posterity you know... ;D

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    Re:Mandy 10

    I tend to agree!
    Accept the going up belly part!

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    Re:Mandy 10

    so newbies should prolly use fedora core 2? poor mandrake, sounds like they are really goin downhill

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    Re:Mandy 10

    [quote author=burntash link=board=13;threadid=8797;start=0#msg79498 date=1078526655]
    so newbies should prolly use fedora core 2? poor mandrake, sounds like they are really goin downhill

    Sure, newbies wants a system that doesn't play mp3s or movies out of the box.. it's a legal issue yes, but still everyone else is during it as we have been fine so far - an agreement might be made?

    But FC is otherwise a fine system, if you can work yum (which I refuse to since it's cli only tool).

    I think Mandrake should just go belly up, they are slowing down the progress of all mankind - name me one major contribution to the linux community that stemmed from them?

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    Re:Mandy 10

    im just trying to figure out what distro to put on this guys box, he has seen me use linux and hears about all its practical benefits and such and he wants to dual boot and try it and use windows to play games.

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    Re:Mandy 10

    If that's how Mandrake is going(down) then for newbies I must say give Suse 9.0 a try. It looks like a very good distro for newbies.

    I just installed the ftp version and really beginning to like it.

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    Re:Mandy 10

    speaking of gnome 2.6, anyone know when its due for releasal?

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