Hello all,

Long time no post for me. But I am back while I have some time.

So here is my question: does anyone do Internet or e-paging? if so, what do I need to know to set up a page server on my network.

I am currently running a nagios box to monitor my network (if anyone has the time or need, nagios is a pretty rocking app) and would like it to issue alerts from it via email (which I currently do) as well as to a pager (which I currently do not do). To do this I am assuming I need to set up a page server.

I am looking to intergrate this Open Source app into my nagios network monitor --> http://sendpage.org/

But, is this all I need? Is this what I need at all? Or do I need to contact some sort of Internet paging provider in order to send pages over the internet? Does anyone use paging to alert themselves of problems on their network? If so, how do you go about doing it and what products do you use.

I need a little help as all of this is a little new to me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me.