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    I was watching tech tv today and they mentioned something called PHLAK or Professional Hackers Linux Assault Kit. Its a bootable cd distro. Does anyone know any more about it or have tried it? The website is


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    Hello? is this thing on? I know your out there I can hear u breathing.


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    hello ;D I guess no one here know but I guess you could be the first to try it and tell us more about it

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    yeah you sorry bugger. Why make us do all the work? :P

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    It's ranked 11th on the three month view of ...

    PHLAK (Professional Hacker's Linux Assault Kit) is a modular security distribution, geared to be used as a live CD. PHLAK was created to become the only tool security professionals would need to perform security analysis, penetration testing, forensics, and security auditing. PHLAK comes with two light GUIs (fluxbox and XFCE4), packages for printing, publishing, a little multimedia, many security tools, and a file cabinet full of security related documentation for your reading/educational purposes. This distro is based off of Morphix.

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    Yeah, GD got the gist of it down. I didnt know that it ranked 11th but Im d/l'ing now and will let you guys know something asap.



    IT seems that the fuking IT NAZI'S here dont want you to use the burner's that came with out damn laptops so I have to someup with some alternate means to burn said iso.

    *grrrr upset and angry

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    I played around with it today (for a very limited time). It is fast (faster than I remember my last live distro (Suse 8.1 eval)) and I has plenty of features. There's a treasure chest full of documentation in there. It uses zsh, which I haven't used too often. I'm not big on shiny themes, but I definately love the graphics used in PHLAK. The war like theme makes me feel like I'm going to do something, even though I'm not. This definately needs more looking into on my end, and believe me, by the end of the year I will.
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