Hey there

I've got a disk here (hitachi deskstar, manufacturing date Apr, 7 2003) which failed all of a sudden. When I powered on the computer all I got was a clicking noise as if the heads try to move into position but hit some obstacle. It sounds a bit like this sample only the clicking isn't quite as loud. I'm pretty sure it's not a head crash as I never heard any squeaky noises, so I'm thinking that maybe the platters are fully intact.

I called some data recovery companies and it's just out of the question that I can afford their service.

Where I work I have access to a clean room and I'm gonna try and open up the disk. Has anybody done this before and can give me a hint on what to look for? I know chances of actually recovering any data are very slim but I'm thinking that maybe it's just the heads jamed in the parking position or something. Any advise or shared experience is greatly appreciated.

Cheers, demian