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    bash question

    I know basic bash, back when it was just unix commands. I'm using cd to change directories; but how do you change directories with long file names?

    For example, I'm trying to setup wine and wanted to run something under the directory "Program Files". When I put in the command "cd Program Files", the error says no directory ProgramFiles. How do I change into that directory containing 2 separate words?

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    Re:bash question

    Use forward slashes for spaces:
    Program\ Files
    "Program Files"
    also, if you hit tab after typing in part of the directory name, it'll fill in the rest provided there are not other files or dirs with those characters.
    cd Pro[tab]
    changes to
    Program\ Files

    unless there's something else that begins with "Pro", then it'll beep, if you hit tab again, it'll list all files and dirs matching what you typed in.

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    Re:bash question

    you can use the backslash as a general escape character. it works for spaces and other special characters that are usually interpreted in other ways.

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    Re:bash question

    Yup- tab completion is your friend. That's one reason why you can get really fast at CLI file management.

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    Re:bash question

    or wildcards, but that's for multiple files

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