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Thread: USB Cable Modem

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    USB Cable Modem


    I have a Motorola Surfboard 4200 USB cable modem on my computer (I have just purchased a new computer to be my linux box - an MSI motherboard, athalon processor.

    I can't get the modem working, and really have no idea where to start - can someone please help.



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    Re:USB Cable Modem

    have a looky here:

    if that does not help let me know, people from work have this puppy working fine under linux.

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    Re:USB Cable Modem

    Hi PB,

    a mate of mine got this working fine also on my previous box, but that was during a session of way too much home brew :P

    I am stuck around the CDCEther bit.

    I get "CDCEther 14108 1" when I issue lsmod comand.

    When I issue "modprobe CDCEther" I get nothing

    and here's where the real problem is for me, - redhat nas no directory /etc/network - I can only see where the how to tells users of debian how to !!




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    Re:USB Cable Modem

    redhat keeps thier stuff in /etc/sysconfig
    anywho, odds are you have need to do that. fire up redhat-config-network and select a new ethernet connection. select cdc usb for a module. odds are this will assign a DHCP address so try that. here is a pic:

    else you can go into /etc/sysconfig/networking and create the scripts for ifcfg-eth1 and get it going like that.

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    Re:USB Cable Modem

    is it significant that in tail -f /var/log/messages, when I plug in the modem I get (amongst other things)

    localhost /etc/hotplug/usb.agent: setup acm CDCEther for USB product 7b2/4200/101
    localhost devlabel: devlabel service started/restarted
    localhost dhclientHCPDISCOVER on eth0 port 67 interval 5
    *it does this a few times*
    localhost dhclient: No DHCPOFFERS received.

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    Re:USB Cable Modem

    hummss, try assigning an static IP. it is using DHCP - right?

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    Re:USB Cable Modem

    I am asuming so since I see it written so many times here and there - but I am not sure what DHCP is...........

    How would I asign a static IP to it?

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    Re:USB Cable Modem

    OK PB - now it's going and you won't believe this - I had to turn the modem off for 30 seconds then turn it back on as I rebooted the linux machine .............and now for some reason It is a goer - but i am still at a loss as to why - I have done a lot of stuff today and not learned much i am afraid.

    Anyone else reading this - if you have any nice SIMPLE reads in mind for me to learn how to network linux I would appreciate them.



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