Prefferably ones you submitted to, but any story will do.

Here is the one I sent to apple:
Well, I didn't completly switch, I still use some of my old PCs as servers. But I sold my fastest one to help pay for a PowerBook, which as of the time of writeing, still hasn't arrieved yet.

I go to a charter school which is an independant style of learning, so we have probobly 75 (just off the top of my head) or so computers for about 100 students. We were going to have a video editing class, so we got three eMacs in so that the teacher could teach in a familiar environment. I started playing with OS-X on those computers once the class ended (a week long, all-day every-day class), even though I didn't attend the classes. As I got familiar with the OS I started liking it. And I will admit, a year ago I completly hated macs. OS-X was nice, because it has a UNIX-based kernel, which is similar to Linux, which I ran from 1999 on, had a beautiful interface, and was responsive. With the sleek and powerfull OS, I became more and more interested in Apple, but shrugged it off because I felt I could not afford their computers.

A couple weeks later I started paying attention to my friend's 12" Powerbook and noticeing that, for an 867MHz machine, is rather quick. I started toying with the idea of getting a notebook, but shrugged off getting an Apple because of the price. $500 more then Dell for a PowerBook and their lowest end model with Firewire. Since I am into digital video editing, that was a must. But, as I started looking into it, I found some little catches. The Dell only had a 3 hour battary, 4 hours if I paid quite a bit more, things like that. And the biggest thing was, it is huge, and not entirely Linux compatible. I think it was something about power management, but I can't remember for sure. So I started toying with the idea of getting an iBook 12", and started saving the money I needed for that. I got to the point where I could almost afford it, and then decided to go all out, and get something that would last a bit longer, and was overall, a bit nicer. 1,000MHz over 800MHz. 512KB L2 cache rather then 256KB. 256MB onboard memory instead of 128MB. Aluminum case over plastic case. And lookswise, the aluminm looks quite a bit better. I belive I made a good desision to wait a few extra weeks. And besides, PowerBook sounds a lot more attractive then iBook for anybody who might not been shown the truth about apple like I have recently.

Ok, so if there is one thing I dont like about them, is the single button mouse. I figure for when I am at home or school, I can use my Logitech mouse, and have three buttons, not a big deal. I can put up with the single button on the pad when I am not at those places.

Like I said, I am not completly switching, but my main computer (the PowerBook) will be my main machine. Who knows, if I remain happy, I may stop buying x86-based computers (also in my oppinion wrongfully known as) PCs. Time will tell, but im sure I will be happy with this purchase.
I owe some thanks to both gorn and praetorian for answering some questions I had about the machines, as annoying as some of the questions may have been. Thanks guys, I honastly felt like I was in a different world when it came to PPC