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Thread: How to install/enale the webserver in Mac.

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    How to install/enale the webserver in Mac.

    I have a Mac OS X, and I want to know how I can enable/configure the web server functionality in it (Just similar like Apache). How I can create the virtual host, is it possible to run multiple sites in Mac in one process. Any please provide me the information regarding this so that I can try my self.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    im no XPert, but in my macs, Apache is not only installed by default, but is
    a startup item by default. if its not, go to:
    system preferences/ sharing/ services/personal web sharing.
    and of course, u must let apache thru the firewall:
    system preferences/sharing/firewall.

    also check out help/apache in the menu bar at the top of ur screen.

    further research: httpd = apache
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