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Thread: Who was it!!!

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    Re:Who was it!!!

    Same here

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    Re:Who was it!!!

    I think someone tagged me when I put the Xed-out W under my name.. must be some Bushys in the group... I was clean until then...

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    Re:Who was it!!!

    [quote author=Linux Looser link=board=21;threadid=8672;start=0#msg78449 date=1076690231]
    must be some Bushys in the group...

    Well you havent been here long then eh? ;D

    Yes I am a "bushy", republican, cardholder, right winger, a conspirator, ditto-head. All of them and more. But I dont really touch the karma buttons much. I applaud once in a while, and if I have to moderate on someone who really asks for it I smite. Which means an applaud every week or so, and a smite once a year.

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    Re:Who was it!!!

    I am a "Bushy" but I didn't smite you. I have smitted one person in my whole time here.


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