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Thread: Cyberappliances attack Italian village

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    Cyberappliances attack Italian village

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    Re:Cyberappliances attack Italian village

    strange... very strange.

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    Re:Cyberappliances attack Italian village

    Well the credebility of the Register is not really there. There was som article which I forget what it was about but was totally false.

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    Re:Cyberappliances attack Italian village

    Yeah, its that one.

    I think some of the stuff on the register is complete BS, and some of it is real...I think it depends on the section, but im not sure.

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    Re:Cyberappliances attack Italian village

    That's all the credibility I need! :

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    Re:Cyberappliances attack Italian village

    google news
    it's not just the reg.

    I find it hard to believe too, but I know I got my money on the electrical demons...

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