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Thread: Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

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    Re:Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

    [quote author=shebang link=board=2;threadid=8668;start=0#msg78304 date=1076376914]
    I have about 90% free space on my swap partition when OOo is running but on my physical memory I have about 56% cache and only 1.56 MB Free and on my total memory thingy I have about 84% free space.

    Ok, before I go any further, let me clarify the original issue. You say your system is slow when you start OOo. Does it remain slow after OOo is finished starting up? The two are very different issues. If your system is only slow while you're starting up OOo (while the splash screen is displayed), you might want to take a look at which drastically reduces the startup time of OOo. However, if it remains sluggish after it's finished starting up, read on for potential causes.

    If it remains sluggish after startup, you might try an experiment where you reboot, and open the system monitor immediately upon log in. Take a look at your memory and swap. Then monitor these as you open up OpenOffice. As Slave Copy said, you're better off monitoring swap since Linux doesn't clear memory 'till it's needed by another process (so once it's nearly full, it appears to stay nearly full even though it's not). See if there's any kind of swap activity when you start up OpenOffice. If there is, you're probably low on memory.

    If you're not familiar with swap, it's a separate partition that's only used when you're completely out of dynamic memory (RAM). When you have more processes running than you have memory available, it goes to the swap partition to get the memory it needs to run all the programs. Unfortunately, this requires a lot of reading from and writing to your hard drive, which is ridiculously slow when compared to RAM. This could account for a sluggish system (and is exactly the problem I had when I ran was too bloated and it used too much RAM, so as soon as I'd start a resource-hog like OpenOffice I'd see my swap activity go crazy and my system would be not only sluggish, but borderline unusable).

    Also monitor CPU usage in the system monitor. Sluggishness can often be attributed to one process hogging the CPU. If your system is slow long after OOo has started up, take a look at the CPU monitor and see if it's running high...could be you have a runaway process.

    Linux is definately better on older systems.
    I ran slack and a certain version of windaz [cough]LH[/cough] on the same laptop (PII 128megs) slack beat the hell out of windaz at loading speed and boot up speed. Also, windaz didn't support my PCMCIA card.
    True for the most part, but this is also a recent version of Mandrake, which is well known to be a PIG when it comes to memory. I wouldn't be surprised if his session is packed to the tits with background processes that pick away at his free memory.

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    Re:Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

    i guess i would go with a less intensive window manager - like fvwm or blackbox. my wm only uses about 2.5 MB or ram, of course X uses quite a bit, but having something like OOo on top of kde or gnome would be quite memory intensive.

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    Re:Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

    So it would be better if I change to IceWM? I will because I have IceWM installed on my box...??

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    Re:Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

    Most likely, it should help a little, just test it and see what happens.

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    Re:Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

    do this and let us know.

    First after rebooting and logging into X, open a terminal up and type :


    Then read where the system loads are. For example here is what I have right now ;

    16:59:08 up 11 min, 2 users, load average: 0.03, 0.20, 0.16
    86 processes: 83 sleeping, 2 running, 1 zombie, 0 stopped

    There is obviously more, but that isnt needed for us yet. Next (keeping the term open and top running), load up OpenOffice. See what the load jumps to. I would hope that it doesnt go much higher than 2.0.

    IS your system sluggish ? What are the new loads ?

    Next if your system is still shitty slow, in top type a capital M. That sorts by memory. List the hogs for me.

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    Re:Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

    sorry, i couldn't reply. um.. I re-installed the system because OOo made it go crazy and now I am installing Fedora.

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    Re:Open Office Slowing Down Laptop.

    [quote author=shebang link=board=2;threadid=8668;start=0#msg78374 date=1076552828]
    sorry, i couldn't reply. um.. I re-installed the system because OOo made it go crazy and now I am installing Fedora.

    well, i am back to Mandrake and the OOo is running pretty fast now.. it is not as slow as before. once it loads, it's really fast.

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