Ok, so thanks to Lovechild, I'm sitting on a copy of SuSE 9 that, up until a week ago, I was dying to install. Since then, I've gotten Fedora Core pretty much configured to where I can use most of my add-on hardware. I want to mess around with SuSE, but I don't want to start all over again... getting programs setup, installed, RMPs, Synaptic, getting hardware to function... So, I'm thinking of adding another patition and putting SuSE on to check it out.

Here are the dilemas:

a) can I partition on the fly and add a third OS without losing the existing ones?
2) How is SuSE 9, in terms of out-of-the-box, at handling USB devices, modems, hardware configurations, etc.
iii) How is SuSE in terms of a loser like me being able to download and install programs.. no help with RPMs, i.e. Synaptic, yum, etc... right?

and Forth) If I give SuSE a small partition, say 3 gig, can I increase that someday if I decide I like it and want to commit more of my hard drive space to that OS?

Gosh... I'm all torn up inside. Here I sit and look at these disks so graciously provided to me by my overseas friend, and all I can do is opine over whether or not I should give it a crack... I don't want to start at the beginning... I've come so far!!!!!! :-[

As always, thanks in advance for your valuable input!