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Thread: Goodbye

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    Dude, there are alot of reasons out there worth dying for. Girls are not one of them! I feel for you and I know your hurting right now but, like EVERYONE else has said, it's only temporary. There are thousands of great chicks out there. I live in Isla Vista, California,a party school, and I see tons of available women out there. Ending it all for just one is not the answer.

    The answer is to go out with your chicks allowed... and go party, get drunk, get rowdy. Your friends will help you through this. You are FREE now! FREE is say. There's a huge world out there waiting for you to explore it. Write down 5 cool places you want to visit and make a pledge to go visit them.

    You need some recovery time but, after that you need to get your confidence back. Start going to the gym, take some dancing lessons, work on getting a promotion or getting a whole new job, buy some new, hip clothes and a wild haircut, go out at least once a week. These are all confidence builders. In a few, months you'll be a completely new person.

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    I agree with the others; life is far too precious to throw away and I'm glad you didn't succeed. You have been given good suggestions to help you through this rough patch in your life. Remember, when things get a bit too much: These things, too, shall pass. I hope you will check in with us here at ljr from time-to-time and eventually stay with us. We're here for you - just let us know.

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    I generally don't read the member-to-member thread, but then I saw goodbye in the most recent posts, and I didn't like the look of it. Just remember that every day it will get better, and don't end that progress. I know it gets used a lot, but life's a rollercoaster, hang on and you'll be fine. Don't jump off early, you'll never be able to get back on.

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