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Thread: My boss

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    My boss

    Is really getting on my nerves. We have three bodies (my being one of them) that cover 3 shifts here. Why does it seem then, that I am doing all the work? Oh yeah, Its because I AM!!! > The other two guys sit on the back shifts basically doing little to nothing while I bust my hump taking up the slack. Then the boss comes by every few mins and throws something else on the stack. All this just so I can get an average eval like the other two lusers. This is starting to just plain ol piss me off. >

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    Re:My boss

    Have you considered a future with the US Postal Service?

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    Re:My boss

    Hitman for the government is sounding appealing. I wonder if the CIA is hiring?

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    Re:My boss

    Start delegating... next time the PHB comes by with more work, explain what you are doing, how important it is to the company, and how long it is taking you or is likely to take you. Then mention that Slacker 1 or 2 should have some free time to do it.

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    Re:My boss

    Thats the other problem. Slacker #2 has been a tech for 6 years. In that time he has managed to learn absolutely nothing about our system. To say that he is incompetent would not come close to describing him. The other guy is competent, but could really care less. What really pisses me off is that all three of us got the same eval. If that happens again, I will be talking to our manager. This is getting way to old...

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    Re:My boss

    Nothing wrong with being a slacker

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