Hi! Thanks for the help in the other forums. um.. When I was installing Mandrake 9.2, I forgot to install gnome and I want to try it out. Here's what I tried to do:
I tried urpmi and rpm -i:

urpmi gnome just tells me:

These packages contain gnome:
SO I do rpm -i <alllthestuff> until all of them are installed. I am having trouble installing gnome. SO I went to the /mnt/cdrom/Mandrake/RPMS/ and there are a few rpms on gnome and I cannot seem to be able to install it. If I try
rpm -i gnome-desktop-2.4.0-1mdk.rpm , it tells me it needs some dependencies (it mentions them by the way) but when I try to install the dependencies, they ask me something else to be installed. IT's been going on like this. And some of them replied The package you selected is already installed
I have no Idea what to do. ANy other ideas?