Remember that video of Ballmer shouting "developers! developers! developers!"?

How about getting a video of Torvalds shouting "Community! Community! Community!"?

You see, there are three people in my school that took their first dip in the pool of Linux today -- and after playing with it for hours and relearning some of the old DOS commands that work with linux, and learning some new linux commands, they loved it. As long as I can keep them interested, that is a victory for me. Especially because these guys have hated Microsoft all along, but didnt want to switch to apple and untill the last couple months when I have been showing them some things I can do in Linux, had no idea there WAS another choice.

What amazes me is the community effort that it has taken to get Linux off the ground, and now It will go after Windows for desktop I think. I perfer it for a desktop, esp. with KDE or Gnome for new uers.