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Thread: Soft drinks

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    Re:Soft drinks

    [quote author=FaeStars link=board=14;threadid=8634;start=0#msg78038 date=1075920897]
    Yeah... I had a friend go to Texas and in some areas they called it all 'coke' no matter waht. Lemon coke they gave you a mountain dew. ???

    How many people here have heard of Mello Yellow?

    Places here who sell coke products have it usually, its coke's version of Mountain Dew. but I guess not everywhere has it?

    Well, Mellow Yellow is just starting to come back. It kinda went away for a while, because Mt. Dew beat it off the market. Coke decided to bring it back a couple years ago, so it has been slowly gaining its grounds again. I'm a pepsi fan myself, pepsi products over coke products. but each has their own tastes-- i grew up on pepsi

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    Re:Soft drinks

    enough about caffine already... you insenstive clods you know my body doesn't tolerate caffine so why do you keep tempting me with all the cola talk?

    oh and I'm a soda man myself.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    [quote author=FaeStars link=board=14;threadid=8634;start=0#msg77946 date=1075782172]
    In Wisconsin everyone said 'pop'...

    my sister said soda for a while but she's a little conformist and I quickly changed her mind. :^)

    Not anywhere I have been. And I have spent 25 years here. Its soda dammit. If you dont like it, learn a new language (of which it will still be translatable to soda). Besides, who the hell in Wisconsin drinks that crap anyway? We brew like 5 major beers here.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    California, Soda.

    I used to work as Waiter when I was in College and that's why I know some call it "pop".

    If I say Soda, then it's usually a carbonated drink that is either Pepsi or Coke ( depending on the place ). If it's other kind of drink such as Mountain Dew or Orange Soda, I would say the name of it.

    At least, that's how I was taught to be very specific and systematic.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    Florida for about 11 years and it's Soda. When I lived in Texas everything was called Coke.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    [quote author=coltrane link=board=14;threadid=8634;start=0#msg78019 date=1075872681]
    Pop Music = Popular Music

    Not really. Now it means music that a label wants to be popular to sell records. How many people buy M. Jackson CD's and he is still the King of Pop.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    I'm from virginia... so i got this southern accent thang goin on... I say Pop ;D

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    Re:Soft drinks

    Welp, I have called it soda, pop, soda pop, coke, et cetera. In Turkey they call dark soft drinks cola and clear ones soda. So, depending on who I am talking to I will use their idea of the correct word for a carbonated beverage. I also prefer to be very specific when asking for a drink. Keeps me out of trouble no matter where I go.


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    Re:Soft drinks


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