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Thread: Soft drinks

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    Soft drinks

    please explain your answer, and at least the state your from.

    I say it pop, but minnesota seems to be a mix

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    Re:Soft drinks

    I'm from MO. and most in my area call it just plain ole soda.

    Drink Pepsi, the new generation, get Linux! ;D

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    Re:Soft drinks

    I'm from New Brunswick, Canada, and everyone here calls it pop.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    We say pop but in Surrey it's either pop or crack :

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    Re:Soft drinks

    In Wisconsin everyone said 'pop'...

    my sister said soda for a while but she's a little conformist and I quickly changed her mind. :^)

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    Re:Soft drinks

    soda. Illinois. we lived in WI for a long time and so many people commented on why we called 'pop' soda.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    I just say "something to drink", "tasty beverage", or refer to the beverage as its name

    But Im just odd like that

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    Re:Soft drinks

    When I moved to Oregon to school someone at the movies offered me a pop and I had NO idea what they were reffering to. Here in California I havent heard a single soul refer to it other than soda.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    Soda. Pop is what those bratty kids sing.

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    Re:Soft drinks

    [quote author=trickster link=board=14;threadid=8634;start=0#msg77958 date=1075814453]
    Soda. Pop is what those bratty kids sing.

    ROFL, english language is funny like that.

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