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Thread: Fishing Season (Ca - USA)

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    Fishing Season (Ca - USA)

    Has fisihing season started here in California? Anyone know?


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    Re:Fishing Season (Ca - USA)

    I found this I guess it's open

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    Re:Fishing Season (Ca - USA)

    I went to Shasta lake area a few months ago but fishing never got into my mind.

    Too far from Modesto if it's just for fishing though.

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    Re:Fishing Season (Ca - USA)


    I got my fishing license. So I was wondering where to fish here since after moving out of the ranch where my folks lived I stopped fishing. I've fished since i was a little kid. On saturday I found the perfect spot around here. Now I got another fun thing I can do. Good thing I got the license at the start of the year. I always think about getting one but always at the end of the year.

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    Re:Fishing Season (Ca - USA)

    What's the proper way to kill a fish? Hitting it on the head with the back of scissors (or just outright using them) doesn't work too nice...

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